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Coming October 8th, 2024

A thriller published under the name S.E. Redfearn

From the international bestselling author of In An Instant and Hadley & Grace comes a searing drama about two men on a quest for justice but on opposite sides of the law.


Disgraced and divorced scientist Dick Raynes has nothing to live for until he saves his sister Dee and nephew Jesse from the recently released violent pedophile Dee helped put behind bars. Dick is no murderer—he had to kill Otis to keep Dee and Jesse safe. But in doing so, he discovers a mathematical formula for predicting which offenders are likely to strike again.


FBI agent Steve Patterson investigates crimes against sex offenders, running a department he created after his son was killed by a vigilante mother who targeted the wrong person. Recognizing a disturbing pattern of untimely deaths of recently released felons, he sets out to figure out who’s behind it.


Dick stretches his morals to pursue and neutralize the most potentially harmful offenders, while Steve makes it his mission to stop this now serial killer before he is labeled a hero. What Steve doesn’t expect is for his pursuit to lead him to a second chance at love with Dee the sister of the man he is chasing.


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